New Double Layer Round Bar Type

New Double Layer Round Bar Type

Specification :  762.5px *762.5px *1.55cm±5px  278g±6g


Color :   Normal Color keep in stock  (Red, Yellow , Jewelry Blue , Sky blue,Grass green , Dark green, white, gray , purple) special color can be customized according to clients’ requirements.  

Product features and advantages

1. Appearance: The surface is composed of upper and lower double-layer net-shaped cross grains, and the appearance is simple and generous.

It can well achieve vertical shock absorption and energy return, and provides lateral cushioning function to prevent sports injuries such as sprains and stings. The back is composed of 1,369 super non-slip support columns, which increases the bottom load bearing capacity and strengthens the floor support surface.

Suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports venues such as various kindergartens.

2. Special matte technology: The surface of the floor has been treated with special matte, which effectively avoids light reflection and glare on sports.


3. Green and environmental protection: This product uses China's highest grade Sinopec major polypropylene raw materials, non-toxic, odorless, non-volatile substances, zero formaldehyde and heavy metals. 

4. Injection point: This product uses 2 points concealed injection at the back, which distributes the entire floor better with better pressure, uniform color and zero color difference, and the product is more stable.

5. The lock buckle is an oval high-strength tensile strength design. Four special spring buckles are added to completely solve the thermal expansion and contraction to enhance the flatness of the floor, and effectively prevent the floor from tripping, bagging, and deformation.

6. good toughness: can be bent diagonally.

7. Support column: The support column adopts a U-shaped cross structure and is composed of 225 support columns, which strengthens the floor to the ground.

8. Friction prevents the floor from shifting. The U-shaped structure has the functions of drainage and sand drainage.

9. Applicable venues: all kinds of professional sports fields, stadiums, kindergartens, baths around, door mats, comprehensive sports venues for the elderly and other leisure places.



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