EPDM Granules

● Sulfur cured EPDM granules
Sulfur cured EPDM granules have diversified bright color range, good flexibility and anti-slip performance, it has stable properties after installed, is widely applied all over the world.

● Peroxide cured EPDM granules
It's production progress is more complicated and the colors are more stable, also has better properties in anti-UV and anti-aging aspects. It's more widely used in the regions where the UV ray is extremely hard. The cost is higher than sulfur cured type meanwhile it's performance is prior.



● High quality virgin EPDM materials

● High resistance to abrasion

● Resistance to UV radiation

● Resistance to high and low temperatures

● Vibrant colors and anti-fading

● Angular granules for drainage

● High elasticity and wear resistance

● Easy install and maintain 

Due to its good physical and chemical properties, our EPDM granules are used in many surfaces worldwide. 

● Athletic running tracks 

● Basketball,volleyball or tennis courts 

● Swimming pool surrounds 

● Children’s playground and kindergarten 

● Balconies, leisure parks or walkways 

● Artificial turf infill 

● Commercial floor 

● Pathway, sidewalk way

Polymer Content22%
Chemical Pigments15%

ColorAvailable in 20 standard colours and customize
Grain Size0.5-2mm,1-3.5mm,2-4mm,3-5mm,8-10mm or customize

Basic Physical And Chemical PropertiesValueUnit
Tensile Strength> 6MPa
Elongation At Break> 700%
Hardness60 ± 5Shore A
Gravity1,60 ± 0,03g/cm³
Colour Fastness5 - 4grey scale  

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